Barony of Wintadon

The Barony of Wintadon is part of the Duchy of Sou’Landang, which in turn is part of the Grand Duchy of Sou’Heart. The Duchy and its claim are neither strong nor weak, having teetered at the point of toppling for the better part of seven centuries. They have been braced by the Church herself, having yet to fall completely away. Across the sea to the north, the Grand Duchy of Sec’onfell and its vassal states stand in sometimes silent, oft vocal, and sometimes violent opposition to the Grand Duchy of Sou’Heart.

The town of Wintapor is located at the very edge of the world. The town is nestled on the west by the southern most mountains of the Spindly Mountains. To the north of Wintapor are the fiefdoms that support the town of four hundred, barely viable farms. To the east is Loneliwat Mountain home to the beginnings of the Gala’Zine River. The Gala’Zine River is said to flow straight to the sea, through the many northern provinces of the Kingdom of Galt. Finally to the south is the tundra that extends as far as the eye can see. It has a population of around six hundred.

Though Wintapor makes up the bulk of the population of the Barony of Wintadon, which in turn is part of the Duchy of Sou’Landang. One of the most important features is the Sou’Mark Road that sweeps broadly acrossthe terrain, heading north to Lil’Isterbul, this is road is technically the soul province of the Baron and collects him a bit of coin from tithes and taxes, though the bulk of the meager taxes go to the Church. The Baron’s own troops and the retinue of the knight’s patrol half way to Southgart. The smaller fiefdoms include the few patches of tillable land that are held by the knights that owe their fealty to the Baron, surrounding the town on the east and west. The pine forest of Dwel’Non’En is considered to be part of the Barony, but only the furriers and woodsman dare enter its haunted trails to the north. Only the road is considered to be truly safe passage through to the North.

At the foot of Loneliwat Mountain is the fortress Arm’Depping Thireen. This fortress guards the people of Wintapor in the dark times of war or when other evils stalk the land. The Baron and his family, their retinue of serfs and retainers live within. This fortress is said to harbor the relics of saints, whose holy nature will protect those within from the evils that lie far to south. To the south is a valley at the very end of the Spindly Mountains known as the Valley of Demons. This land is said by the Church to be tainted by a long ago destroyed nest of demons, guarded now by foul magicks. This Valley of Demons is never entered and never lightly approached for the things within are said to be able to twist the soul of a man into something fouler.


Wintapor and its five hundred souls are ruled over by Baron Radimiv (pronounced Rad’a’miv) Charles Tsing Nogle Belson and his children. The Baron is well into sixth decade and his health is in a not so slow decline. His eldest son, Barclay Yung Horace Belson will be the next to sit on the Baron’s throne, holding the lives of nearly a thousand in his hand. Yet overseeing the rulers of Wintapor is the priest Father Mixon Dier, a priest of the Church of the Holy Sun. The guilds are represented only by the few traveling merchants and a few craftsmen that have settled in Wintapor,

During the summer, at the time of Firtest, the Bishop of Sou’Landen sends a few more priests to oversee the ceremonies and take back any word from the Barony. During the summer, a few merchants brave the long road bringing the few things that the town does not make for itself. In exchange, they carry back furs and a few oddities of the realm. The Gala’Zine River does not freeze over completely except in the coldest days, so it remains a route to Sou’Landen. It is through this artery that a few trees, felled in the haunted forest are sent downstream to fetch a coin or two for the Baron’s coffers.


The law of Wintapor is enforced by the Baron’s men and children. Though technically, he sits as judge as long he draws breath, the day to day litigations and running of the realm have come to the feet of Barclay. Aside from the official troops of the Barony, the acolytes of Father Mixon help to police crimes and only they are allowed to enter into enforcement of the Church’s laws.

The People of Wintadon

The People of Wintapor are a homogenization of the human race. Ebony skin to pale to yellow; brown hair, black, or blond; eyes range across the spectrum as well. The Church here is not quite as strong as in the warmer north, since too many times have miracles passed over. Yet the people of Wintadon are religious enough with the evils of the Valley of Demons not far from their lands.

Barony of Wintadon

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